Boilermakers, CNX Share Stage to Back Fracking, Pipelines and Trump

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Nick DeIuliis, the straight-talk CEO of CNX Resources and Shawn Steffee of Boilermakers Local 154 provide some great insight on energy politics!

It’s impossible not to be impressed with Nick DeIuliis, the CEO of CNX Resources. He’s clearly not the typical corporate CEO, hiding behind a wall of political correctness and maneuvering for short-gain as the our freedom is destroyed. No, DeIuliis is as real as it gets and that’s why it was a thrill to watch him unite with Shawn Steffee of Boilermakers Local 154 to discuss energy politics. They appeared together on the stage at a CPAC Pennsylvania event with Charlie Gerow of the American Conservative Union moderating. It is a 25 minute video and so worth the time invested to watch as these two defended freedom, fracking, pipelines and Trump.

Here is the full video from the event, which took place on September 20:

Let me entice you to watch the whole thing by giving you the ending:

GEROW: Final round here. Before we move on, I get excited about the fact that on this stage are corporate America and the organized labor movement in this country and two great leaders from both sectors who understand what it takes to create jobs, to create wealth, to create opportunity and to create a better future for everybody so let’s talk about the antithesis of that and the “green new deal.”

DELULIIS: Green new deal…again when you look at it from just the perspective of science and engineering and people who do things for a living, when you hit the switch you want the lights to come on, you want your furnace to work. The green new deal is just fundamentally flawed. Forget about the economics; it won’t work it violates the laws of thermodynamics. You cannot have 100 percent renewable energy; you cannot have it. There is no such thing as zero carbon energy. Every aspect component of energy has a carbon footprint.

Carbon is the lifeblood of society. It’s not a bad thing; it’s something that we need to embrace. The more a society or a country or region gets of carbon utilization, life expectancy goes up, the infant mortality rate goes down, education goes up along with all kinds of good things that really smart people try to solve the world over.

I think we’ve got the answer; it’s called the methane molecule. Let’s unleash it efficiently, safely and environmentally sound and let’s take full advantage of it. Again, not just for ourselves and not just for this country, but a whole bunch of people the world over that are living in abject poverty and the sooner we get them carbon to drive electricity, the better off their lives are going to be there.

STEFFEE: i totally agree with, you know, Nick’s philosophy there; that the green new deal is just fundamentally wrong and untruthful, just something that cannot happen. For us to sustain ourselves as a world power economically and energy wise, the green new deal cannot happen. We have to move forward with energy and natural gas like Nick has spoken about and just and do it environmentally safe, also. We have the technology to do that. We have great minds in this country and right here in Western Pennsylvania.

So, let’s move forward let’s build to stop and let’s put everybody to work and let’s keep our economy growing and the green new deal is not the answer. It’s going to have carbon in the future and, let’s face it, everything has some kind of environmental downfall to it, okay, but it’s how we handle it, how we move forward and keep moving with technology to make it better. And, there’s not one person here doesn’t like the outdoors more than i do and i want to keep that and I want to have our streams beautiful. I love the wildlife, but we also got to have jobs and we also got to move forward.

There’s a whole lot more and you will not fail to notice how strongly the Boilermakers and, indeed, other trades are aligning with Republicans in this election as a result of Democrats aligning with elitist environmental special interests and stupid ideas such as RGGI. The Boilermakers have moved, much of labor is moving and so are Republicans, toward an alliance based on freedom, opportunity and the interests of ordinary blue-collar Americans. It’s great to see and it’s been building for some time now.

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