Cuadrilla to pay “few hundred pounds” for homes said to be damaged by fracking tremor

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Cuadrilla has said it will make small goodwill payments to people living near its Lancashire shale gas site who said their homes were damaged by the UK’s largest fracking-induced tremor in August.

The company said it would pay residents “a few hundred pounds” for redecorating.

The 2.9ML tremor on 26 August reportedly caused cracks to buildings and damage to windows and doors across the Fylde area around Blackpool. DrillOrDrop understands that about 100 claims were made to Cuadrilla.

We reported last month that several residents had been offered the goodwill payments and some had turned them down. They told us that the company had not admitted liability for the damage. Other residents had been refused payments after initial assessments by administrative staff from the company.

In an interview with the PA news agency, Cuadrilla’s chief executive, Francis Egan, said today there was no clear evidence that the tremor caused the damage.

“It would be impossible to say if that was caused by the tremor, or is it just natural settlement in the building.

“But we do want to retain goodwill, so we will make some payments.”

He said no “major damage” has been reported by people living close to the Preston New Road site.

Residents will be paid a few hundred pounds to help cover the price of redecorating rooms where plaster work has cracked, he said.

Mr Egan also told PA that “obviously egregious” claims for damage had been sent to the company.

“Lots of people have showed us cracks with weeds growing out of them, for example, or cracks that when you look on Rightmove you can see the exact same cracks in photographs taken well before the tremor.”

DrillOrDrop invited Cuadrilla to add to the comments by Mr Egan but it declined.

Pictures of damage said to be caused by the 2.9ML tremor are used with the owners’ consents

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