Gaia’s Magnificent Magnetic Shift on October 29th, 2018

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A Message From Astraea and Amora

Carla Thompson, October 31, 2018


Georgi Stankov

This message from Astraea et Amora is remarkable for many reasons. First, it confirms unequivocally the huge energetic surge which Gaia and the ascending part of humanity experienced on October 28th and 29th as reported by ourselves. It continued on October 30th in preparation for the first major portal in November 01.11.11 (2018 = 11) that happens to be also my birthday (All Saints). And each year I promise to myself that it would be my last birthday that I (do not want to) celebrate in this reality. But this time my wish may really come true. Just as it is true that I have been experiencing each year the most intense and devastating waves of source energies and downloads associated with cleansing episodes of human dross around my birthday and that is why I hate this time of the year.

This time, however, the mood is much more optimistic, even though the last energy surge almost killed me. By the way, this is another major topic of this important message. It deals with our energetic  function as the prime cleansers of humanity’s darkness, a role that is so extraordinary and fully dedicated to the saving of the human species by helping it achieve its eventual ascension (because we have already ascended numerous times as members of the PAT and are experts in ascension), that it has ensued so much undeserved rejection, aggression, and accusations regarding our uniqueness in the past, and a total silence currently about our role, on the part of most light workers only because we are special cosmic beings coming from the Source and they do not want to accept it.

What is so disturbing about this fact that makes some people who haven’t done their inner work so far and therefore will not ascend now hate us and reject us so much? Probably precisely because of that… because they have not done their inner work and are not yet part of the Unity Consciousness. Very soon it will become common knowledge to many people whom they should be thankful for their better lives in the cities of light and they will begin to arduously follow our example and eventually become like us one day in the distant future, after they have done their inner work.

And here I come to the third key aspect of this message, which brilliantly confirms all our analyses and discussions on the ascension scenario in the past; these are unique and the only enlightened contributions to this, in the meantime, beloved topic in the entire esoteric literature as they are based on our personal experience as the motor of the ascension of Gaia and humanity. The latest energy surge, about which we reported in real time, was a complete update of the magnetic structure of Gaia and this reality and was triggered this time by Gaia herself. It also affected all incarnated human beings who have made a decision at the soul level to ascend in this last incarnation. This shows you how close we are to the final quantum shift.

We felt it personally as an extreme readjustment and update of all our energetic fields, during which our emotional and mental bodies suffered severely in the last three days. This led to a complete physical depletion, associated with acute, but temporary broncho-pneumonitis and pharyngitis and also with muscle and joint pain all over the body. I am mentioning these symptoms at this place not to complain but just to inform you what many of you must have experienced in these last several days and not to be overly worried.

This energy surge of Gaia introduced new plasma energies of magnetism in the structure of Gaia and at the same time abolished all of the dark energies that humanity has stored with its dark, fearful ideas and deeds of separation in the earth’s grid during eons of time and numerous incarnations. The entire quantum energetic structure of ascending Gaia was transformed and will no longer allow the occurrence of dark egoistic thoughts and actions. This wave also affected all incarnated human personalities who have made their decision at the soul level to ascend in this lifetime. Gaia has decided to ascend and those who are ready will ascend with her. Humans can no longer count to live on borrowed time.

This is now very important to observe – those people who have decided to ascend but have done no inner work so far and have not entered the LBP will be given all the necessary time to resolve all their personal issues at the ego-mind level. For this purpose, they may live very long – from now on humans will live several hundred years on 4D earth or become immortal after ascension. For this reason the human population will stay stable and will not grow in the coming years on the ascended earth and on its numerous 4D timelines. That is why the Agarthans are speaking of 6 billion humans on the surface earth in their message: “Humanity’s challenge is to overcome the idea that it is separate from creation simply because it is 6 billion “separate individuals”. This is not a mistake or ignorance on their part but the exact number as they know better than the official state propaganda and I shall explain below why.

The total number of the world population has never risen above 6 bullion people in the last 20 years due to numerous wars, poverty, artificially induced epidemics by the cabal, etc. Not to forget the ongoing deliberate genocide in the healthcare system, caused by the development and use of numerous cell-inhibiting drugs (90% of all drugs on the market) and many other deleterious treatments, such as radiation, chemotherapy and obsolete surgical and other invasive procedures that significantly increase morbidity and mortality (2-4%) when compared to no treatment (placebo); see Volume III.

Therefore the notion that the world population is rapidly growing in the last years is a cheap lie of the dark cabal who have always planned to cull humanity in the End Time and thus prevent the ascension. They only propagate the lie of exponentially growing humanity in order to justify all their heinous measures leading to human genocide such as obligatory mass vaccinations, etc.

Please observe that there is no reliable census worldwide and all the population growth numbers are based on false assumptions and projections. The last more or less reliable number was 6 billion for 1999. Since then most industrialized countries have had zero or negative growth rates, such as Europe, North America, China, Russia, Japan and there are absolutely no reliable data from the rest of the world. That is why the Agarthans gave us this number as they know that I am very critical of this issue and do not share the fictive growth numbers given by the official fudged statistics of state governments and census bureaus.

The fourth key information in this message is that all those humans who will not ascend and have made their decision at the soul level to continue with their long incarnation cycle on 3D earths are not affected by these energies in any way as they cannot incorporate these high intensity, high vibrating energies of magnetic plasma. Their bodies still vibrate within the low-frequency 3D electro-magnetic bandwidth. These individuals will also not see or perceive the cities of light as this is not the experience they have come to make on the earth at this time. They will exist in timelines that exclude the perception of any higher frequency energetic phenomena, such as the cities of light and the many new technologies that will be introduced from these cities in the ascending 4D worlds. This is exactly what Ahnahmar told us in his latest message:

“This shift will be characterized by experiences that will run the gamut from knowing nothing to knowing everything. This means the experience will not be fully available to all in the present moment, and it may be the case where some shall not notice anything, where some shall notice some minor changes and those perhaps on a more subconscious level, and some still will live and experience the full change.”

With these latest messages we are getting an increasingly precise picture as to how the world will look like after the quantum shift which we, the PAT, are now preparing with full force. When it happens there will be three groups of humans:

1) The light warriors of the first and the last hour, such as the PAT, who will ascend to Shambala and the cities of light and will assume their mission as leaders, healers, teachers and guardians of the new humanity.

2) A large group of humans who have made the decision to ascend in this lifetime, but have just awakened or barely entered the LBP and must first do their inner work as to raise their personal frequencies sufficiently to become part of the unity consciousness and ascend in the distant future.

3) The rest of humanity who will not ascend and will continue with their long incarnation cycle on a 3D earth.

For a short period of time after the quantum shift, which I personally hope will happen by the end of this year, these three groups will coexist and their realities and timelines will overlap. The future ascension candidates will be aware during that time about the dire destiny that is awaiting the descending humans and they will also experience first hand their plight when the 3D matrix will fully collapse. Depending on the challenges they have chosen for this incarnation, they may experience some of the hardships of the collapsing matrix in order to do their inner work and overcome their ego. Most of the light workers from the New Age will most probably belong to this group.

They will be directly confronted with the choice: a) do the inner work properly and ascend and join us in the cities of light and later on in Shambala as ascended masters or b) neglect the inner work and go under with the descending portion of humanity. If they decide to leave this reality through a death experience, then they may incarnate soon in the new ascending 4D worlds and try their personal ascension one more time.

The crystalline children will ascend with us after the quantum shift and will immediately become the new leaders in the cities of light as old souls where they can choose any body form their desire. They do not need to do any inner work as they come from the Source and have incarnated here only to help Gaia and part of humanity ascend by holding the light and raising their frequencies.

After some time the descending humanity and timelines will begin to separate visibly from the ascending 4D timelines and these people will no longer take any notice even of the group that is preparing for ascension but still lives in the physical 3D world, as these ascension candidates will come together in new communities and smaller cities of light, from where they will prepare for their ascension under much more favorable energetic and living conditions.

I think that this presentation gives you a clear idea of what we should expect in the coming days and weeks. And now enjoy the message of our Higher Selves, the Elohim Astraea and Amora, channelled by Carla.

The Message

In meditation following undoubtedly the most profound shift experience, I am shown a flash of golden-white light from the core, but then I see white light originating just below the surface of the planet blasting upwards and out through the surface soil, rock, water and into the air surrounding our beautiful Earth.  The Elohim come forward to offer an explanation:

There has been a shift of enormous magnitude and it has begun from the centre of Gaia. This is the blinding flash of Gaia’s life force where she has reached her threshold and created a deep desire to flush away all negativity arising from the imbalanced presence with humanity in this expression before you.  This extreme cleansing has been activated by Gaia herself, and reflects an instantaneous flushing up through every upper layer of the planet.  This has been a blast of plasma light that is known for its profound quantum activity.

This plasma light energy has been felt by many and it has been recognized as a deep healing action that originated within Mother Earth herself.  Plasma energy is a magnetic energy in that it aligns along the principle of the Soliton Wave.  Deep thorough cleansing is required to inactivate all disharmonious activity upon Gaia’s expression of form.  Nuclear activity, oil drilling, salt mining, fracking, chemical proliferation and rain forest clearing are all activities that leave a legacy of infinite destruction upon this earth that not even you are able to see the devastating implications. This was a prime directive, from Gaia herself, to effect a permanent change and adaptation to the current energetic reality based on the Magenta Ray of Creation

This wave has had an effect on the ascending humanity only.  In other words, it will affect only those whose souls wish to ascend in this lifetime. Since the soul itself determines the path of the incarnated Being, it is then only the soul that determines the destiny of this incarnation. As a further explanation, we mean to say that if a soul has not come here to ascend in frequency, then that soul is here to play with duality only, and will not notice these energetic shifts nor be attuned to ascension writings. If it is in a soul’s destiny to take part in this ascension experience, they will begin soon to do the inner work in a slow fashion, first gaining valuable lessons leading to inner integration which will then build compassion within their personality structure. This compassion will expand into many more emotional expressions, including Self-Love, which will then naturally align to the frequency of a fifth dimensional expression, while bathing in an infinite field of grace and divine presence. 

This plasma flush has been experienced by those Light Warriors whose job it is to receive and share all nature of Light/ Energy, no matter the Source, and it is for this reason that many of you noticed floods of energy coming in through your fields and perhaps even a profound shift within your own physical body. You may have noticed a sudden fatigue to the elemental body (perhaps even a sense of shock within the body elemental), a thirst for clean water, a rejection of food or a craving for sugar, cold chills in the body or the opposite in the form of a heat wave entering your chakras and physical body. There are many symptoms arising from the release of plasma energy and while they do resemble those of regular light body activation, these symptoms are much more intense. This event also triggered extreme weather conditions the world over, especially in the country of Italy, the Alpha and the Omega.

Why does the intensity of this experience vary for every light warrior? Here is a discussion that we have wished to share for some time: The experience of receiving light, processing light, and distributing light, varies from one light warrior to the next and represents a broad spectrum of experience. These experiences are directly related to the role one is here to play during this ascension mission.  

Every light warrior has a different role and therefore the nature of each and every personal energetic field reflects this fact. Every light warrior is here to receive, process and distribute light for the benefit of Gaia. There are minor differences between the roles. For instance: one light warrior may be here to receive and anchor a very narrow bandwidth of high frequencies and may do so in a continuous manner. The role of another light warrior may be to receive and anchor a wide bandwidth of low frequencies in an intermittent manner. Further, there is the light warrior that has incarnated with the role to receive, process and distribute a wide bandwidth of frequency for the benefit of humanity as well as the elemental kingdom such as the water and the air. This third group also carries a role in cleansing energetic fields since there has been imbalance and destruction present in your reality for a very long time.

There is the matter of cleansing – the need to cleanse these fields first, before any new light frequency can be transmitted into the reality before you. The transmutation of the incumbent energies first engages this light warrior’s entire field of expression and this is what is referred to as “cleansing”.  Following the “cleanse”, the transmission of new light frequency comes and together the entire process can be very taxing on the light warrior. This cleansing activity is not carried out by every light warrior.  

This last group of light warriors has incarnated specifically in this moment of time to align as much life as possible with the largest frequency spread possible. The light warriors whose job it is to do this work are often misunderstood by many, as it is humanity’s propensity to label others through the filter of prejudice often in an unending spiral of non-compassion.  

Let us say now: Every Light warrior has a role to play in this great Ascension, and the roles are all very different from one another. It is a non-yielding and dispassionate practice to qualify another’s role during any aspect of this Event, and we await the moment where you will just rest easy, and allow the others to Be who they truly are.

There is no need to claim one role is better than another because each role is needed; each and every light warrior is deeply loved and honoured by All of Creation. We say:  Stand United All Light Warriors of the Ascension!  And Stay United!

With infinite love for All…..Astraea and Amora”

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