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Lib Dems: Plan to raise £7 billion a year extra by putting a penny on income tax, with the money to be spent on the NHS and social care, treating mental health the same as physical health, and reforming the Health and Social Care Act to make the NHS work in a more joined up way.

SNP: Push the next government to bring NHS spending into line with per-head funding in Scotland. SNP MPs in Westminster will also push for legislation to protect the NHS from future trade deals

Tories: Pledge to increase spending in England by £7.1 billion by 2022/23, raising teacher starting salaries to £30,000, roll out more free schools and stand by the academy programme. Head teachers to be given more powers to exclude and bring in stronger discipline.

Labour: Raise spending increase by 2023 to £25 billion, Ofsted and Sats tests at Key Stage 1 and 2 all to be scrapped, the rolling back of academy system for schools, re-invest in technical training. A Sure Start centre in every community to improve early years learning, a vow to get rid of university tuition fees and putting VAT on private school fees.

Lib Dems: Reverse cuts to school budgets, employ extra 20,000 teachers, fixing backlog of school building repairs, scrap Sats and replace government school league tables. Replace Ofsted, £1 billion extra for children’s centres and a tripling of early year’s pupil premium to £1,000. Teacher starting salaries up to £30,000 and 3% per year pay rise throughout parliament.

SNP: The SNP vow that as long as they are in government they will not introduce university tuition fees.

Tories: £9.2 billion to improve the energy efficiency of homes, schools and hospitals. Target to have a net-zero carbon economy by 2050. Ban recycling from going overseas.

Labour: Plans for a so-called green industrial revolution designed to create one million jobs and 800,000 apprentices in renewable energy in the UK. Stopped short of signing up to net-zero by 2030 pledge but wants “substantial majority” of emissions reduced by then. Introduce a publicly-owned energy company into the market.

Lib Dems: Insulating all of Britain’s homes by 2030, having at least 80% of UK electricity generated from renewables by 2030, banning fracking, planting 60 million trees a year, electrifying Britain’s railways and ensuring all new cars are electric by 2030. £5 billion flood prevention fund would also be made available.

SNP: The First Minister said her party will propose a “green energy deal” to ensure eco-friendly initiatives have long-term security. Ms Sturgeon also said the bulk of future oil and gas receipts should be put into a “net-zero fund”, focusing on measures to battle climate change.

Tories: Build high-speed rail link across the North – dubbed “HS3” – but review the future of HS2, the fast route linking London and the north. Promise of £2 billion over four years to eradicate potholes on roads. Heathrow’s third runway to go ahead but on the proviso it meets air pollution limits.

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