Opinion: Leftists Want To Destroy This Nation Because They Hate When Others Prosper!

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There are actually a number of reasons why liberals want to destroy this great country called America.

First, America is basically a capitalist nation that has proven this economic system is the best available. More people, especially in America, have prospered through capitalism than socialism, feudalism, or any other economic system. The liberals hate it when other people prosper.

It goes against their view of they should be the ones with the power to distribute the wealth to the masses as they see fit. Liberals are elitist vermin who have a huge superiority complex and are angry because they don’t have total control over us.

Secondly, America is a free country with guaranteed freedoms under our beloved US Constitution such as free speech (an idea the liberals hate, just look at FascistBook, Twitter, Google and other Big Tech sites), the right to own a firearm (THE most hated right by liberals) and a host of other freedoms the liberals loathe.

Lastly, the liberals want to destroy America because it fits into their failed and oppressive narrative of Marxist-Leninist beliefs of power and control. If you look at liberal philosophy, it smacks of totalitarianism either through the lust for power and control or through misguided altruism.

Either way, liberals want to destroy America and want to launch a Stalinist slave state with them in power over the rest of us peasants. Here is the question that needs to be asked of all democrat candidates.

“Your proposed policies are unconstitutional, so do you plan on amending the Constitution to make these proposals, or do you plan on simply ramming them down the throats of the electorate?”

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Capitalism is a natural, hierarchical system based on ability, or talent or merit. Socialism, Communism, and Progressivism, i.e. Leftism, is based only on a belief in radical egalitarianism. The Leftist movement today is led by females, feminists, FemiNazis.

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It is a leftist goal to have everyone think alike in a dictated ideological bubble. Contrary views are an irritant to this hive mind. As leftist power grows like a destructive hurricane feeding on demographic power released by fracking national borders the left’s views become a new norm that makes cognitive dissonant irritating opposing views a shrinking bubble. The walls are closing in. The left encysts that you not be heard. There is more restrictive moderation where no comments are allowed or comments vanish without explanation.

We have all been indoctrinated by our former “teachers” to some extent, beyond those who taught the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic. What is alarming is the seeming incuriosity of today’s students, particularly in higher education, to even question the status quo. They are beyond indoctrinated; they are wholly brainwashed to never question what they are taught and to angrily lash out at anyone who questions their beliefs.

We must push hard to stop colleges and universities from prohibiting free speech and alternative views to be presented on campus. Clearly, these people are afraid that if their robot students hear the truth or alternative views, their hold on them may collapse. Our colleges and universities have become toxic and poisonous to young minds.

Pres. Trump stands in the way of the leftists and globalists whose target is us. We the people. We simply need to go – and must go to establish the vaunted world government.

If the U.N. comes to establish a “protectorate” in your area, do not obey their orders, nor obey anything that has to do with them. Treat them as the enemy. They deserve it – as well as Dems involved in mass corruption deserve to be exposed.

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