This helps businesses pay their bills for free


I’m reaching out today to let you know about an easy payment solution that helps small businesses like yours save time and money and increase cash flow.

It’s a super easy-to-use accounts payable tool with a user-friendly dashboard where you can pay all of your business bills and get paid by other businesses.

Click here for more information – https://bit.ly/ach-transfer

Here’s why Melio has been great for me:

1. It is free – there are no monthly fees and you don’t need to subscribe.
2. Paying with ACH bank transfer is free. Or you can pay with your credit card (2.9% fee) – even where cards aren’t accepted.
3. No more handwriting checks – you can choose how to pay, regardless of how your vendor wants to get paid.
4. Schedule a payment in advance to make sure you never miss a payment.
5. Connect your QuickBooks Online account for 2-way sync between your bill pay and accounting.

You can easily get started here – https://bit.ly/ach-transfer

To your success,
Business finance expert