Trump Attacks Bloomberg In Tuesday AM Panic

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People might think commander-in-chief Donald Trump would be pacing the White House halls in the middle of the night trying to think of how to handle COVID-19, the Coronavirus. They would be wrong. He burst from bed hot to undermine the campaigns of his 2020 presidential election opponents. Does he sleep with his phone? More importantly, when will our germaphobic president realize that his rallies are great big Petri dishes of COVID-19?

Apparently, POTUS tried some reverse psychology. He told Democrats “Don’t vote for Mini Mike!” Then, he urged people to support his former White House doctor. This was the physician who willingly gave the president another inch of height and a dramatic, paper-only weight loss.

Trump seems to dislike former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg. He called him a “chocker.” What is that? Someone who runs his fingernails down a chalkboard? The opposite of a shocker? What do you think?

The president tweeted, kicking off his support for petroleum-based jobs:

‘Texas & Oklahoma: Mini Mike Bloomberg will kill your drilling, fracking and pipelines. Petroleum based “anything” is dead. Energy jobs gone. Don’t vote for Mini Mike!’

I hope we can get Admiral

of Texas, who served our Country so well, into the runoff election in #TX13! Ronny is strong on Crime and Borders, GREAT for our Military and Vets, and will protect your . Get out and vote for Ronny on Tuesday, March 3rd!’

‘Go Admiral Ronny!’

‘Mini Mike Bloomberg can never recover from his incompetent debate performances. Also, as mayor he was very bad under pressure – a chocker (sic)!’

Twitter world rose up and went after Donald Trump. Check out what they had to say about him this morning:

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