Dick Morris: Trump’s Energy Policies Are a Major Success

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Stats just released by the International Energy Agency show that the Trump administration has produced the biggest drop in carbon emissions in the world between 2018 and 2019!

Despite his rhetorical attacks on the climate change movement, President Donald Trump has led the world in cutting carbon emissions.

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“The US experienced the largest single decline in emissions of any country, unleashed by the cheap natural gas prices offered by the domestic shale boom. This led to a rapid switch away from coal in the power sector, helping lower emissions by 140m tonnes, or almost 3 per cent,” the Financial Times reported.

“The shift has come despite the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris deal and its strong support for the coal industry, though analysts say the extent of the fall partly reflects that the US power sector was starting from a higher base in terms of coal use.”

Under Trump (and Obama), renewables as sources for the electricity generation have soared to 17 percent of the total. While much of the renewable energy boom has come, in the U.S., from traditional sources like hydropower, 7 percent of U.S. electricity is now generated by wind.

Trump’s success in cutting carbon emissions in the U.S. is a great example of a central tenet of the triangulation doctrine: “use your tools to fix their car.”

Rather than go along with the stultifying, job-killing regulation on industrial activity under the Paris Agreement, Trump has encouraged fracking.

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A much better way to cut emissions, the switch to fracking-produced natural gas has encouraged economic growth while dramatically cutting carbon emissions (not through regulation but via market forces).

It’s a shame Trump left this out of his State of the Union speech.

It would have been fun to see if Nancy stood or sat during that part of his address.

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