Did Toxic Fracking Fuel Emissions Cause Covid19 Pandemic ?

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Once again, Jim west show how air pollution is a major factor in all COVID-19 epicenters. The new pollution trigger for the pandemic is likely a recent global change in refinery protocols for fracked fuel, resulting in higher toxicity exhaust at epicenters where fracked fuel is burned. Hydrogen Cyanide is the main suspect.


COVID-19 is officially defined as a “virus” that causes flu-like disease. Symptoms are hypoxia (low oxygen), respiratory symptoms, cough, fever, nausea, diarrhea, tremors, lung and kidney damage, and neurological symptoms.[JASN],[CDC],[CNBC],[Mao 2020]

WHO declared the pandemic on March 11, 2020.

The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic is… caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 [COVID-19]. The outbreak started in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak to be… a pandemic on 11 March 2020.[Wiki 4/7/20].

As of 27 April 2020, more than 3.04 million cases have been reported across 185 countries and territories, resulting in more than 211,000 deaths.[Wiki 4/27/20]

In the United States, the most intense epicenters began in New York State, in the same locations as the measles epicenters of the previous year. This suggests environmental factors.[JW 4/2019][JTA 4/2/20][LoHud 4/3/20]

• Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)
• Borough Park (Brooklyn, NY)
• East Ramapo (Rockland County, NY)

Reality check #1

Some critics doubt the existence of the pandemic, asserting that it is merely the result of hyped diagnoses of traditional diseases for COVID-10. This may be partially true, however, there is a real pandemic of flu-like diseases.

The CDC had to expand its flu-like disease scale, from 1 to 10, to, 1 to 13.

The percent of deaths due to pneumonia or influenza (P&I) is high but the increase is due primarily to COVID-19, not influenza. Reported pediatric flu deaths for the season are high at 170.[CDC 4/25/2020]

Note that all flu-like illnesses (COVID-19 or not) are high. This is the actual pandemic (beyond COVID-19) and it does not exempt children.

In the UK, for the period of 3/27 to 4/15/2020, the Office of National Statistics.

…registered 25,932 additional deaths above the statistical recent 5 year norm. Of these 11,427 recorded COVID-19 as the sole mentioned underlying cause.[Iain Davis 5/3/2020]

This means that only 44% of these additional deaths (the actual pandemic) were recorded as COVID-19. So the actual pandemic is over twice as large as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reality check #2

Virus causation must be verified. Please take the time to understand the simple and effective arguments against virus causation. See these two references.[JW-NV][DC-Cv8] The bottom line is that COVID-19 is a mere distraction. [See also: A Vital Paper: challenge to the discovery of the COVID-19 virus]

Causation postulate: Air pollution

Occam’s Razor (logic rule) stipulates that the most obvious and simple explanation be examined first. For respiratory disease, that would be air pollution.

The distinguished medical scientist, Sucharit Bhakdi, states that virus causation is dubious and that the common denominator is “horrid air pollution”. The medical response to the pandemic is “grotesque, absurd and very dangerous.”

At least 12 studies find air pollution to be the primary “co-factor” for the COVID-19 epidemics.

The table below, of 34 epicenters sorted by incidence of death, reveals that COVID-19 epicenters occur only in areas of high air pollution, such as Wuhan, Northern Italy, Madrid, the Tri-State Region (NY/NJ/CT), Louisiana, Denver, etc.

Air pollution is a tradition in all COVID-19 epicenters. As the incidence table indicates, the new pollution trigger for the pandemic is likely a recent global change in refinery protocols for fracked fuel, resulting in higher toxicity exhaust at epicenters where fracked fuel is burned.


Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), a highly toxic refinery effluent, has been suggested as the trigger. HCN can cause symptoms similar if not the same as COVID-19 symptoms. HCN is a byproduct of the refinery fluidized catalytic converter (FCC), which converts heavy fracked oil to lighter products like gasoline and kerosene.

Economics is driving refineries to dispose HCN. This disposal would be into the air, but also possibly into fuels, such as, natural gas, at unprecedented levels. This would raise the toxicity of already toxic fuels. It would raise the toxicity of exhaust from electric power plants, stoves and boilers, possibly vehicles, and various other industrial operations.

Refineries have gone far over their regulatory limits for cyanide releases. They are receiving new extremely high limits, from regulatory commissions without democratic concerns. Regulatory language for cyanide is Orwellian and the government is not protecting its citizens.

I. S. Trevino, Esq., of Earth Justice, May 2019:

…hydrogen cyanide pollution from refineries is poisoning communities nationwide. Yet the EPA has failed to make these refineries clean up their act.

Why are refineries requiring such high release limits? Much refinery and fracking information is secret, so here is the best guess.

Fracked oil (“shale oil”) is the result of extracting oil from shale deposits. This requires many toxic solvents. After a solvent removal process, the resulting fracked oil is thicker than traditional crude oil. Fracked oil therefore requires more intensive use of the FCC converter and the result is much more HCN.

Refineries release HCN excessively into the air, now more than ever.

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell reported damaged lung membranes for COVID-19 symptoms in his ICU (Intensive Care Unit), saying that ventilators were not helping, that they were actually damaging the already damaged lungs. He said that patients could breath, the muscles were working, but their lungs could not absorb oxygen efficiently. He suggested 100% oxygen.

Curiously, the similar treatment for cyanide poisoning is 100% oxygen. A cyanide antidote can follow, which is hydroxocobalamin.


Devra Davis, PhD has documented many official air pollution coverups. Davis was “the President Clinton appointee to the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board”.

The West Nile “virus” pandemic of 1999 was very similar to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both are flu-like diseases that mainly threaten older people. My research found toxic MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) at 15% of gasoline in epicenters, with this unknown to general public. The EPA recommended MTBE for ban at the height of the epidemics.

Air pollution data correlated with disease incidence and positive test results. Symptoms of West Nile virus disease are the same as air pollution symptoms. The West Nile virus is an improperly documented entity. NY DEC told me that MTBE was regulated at the refinery by “discretionary letter”. The West Nile pandemic is very similar to the COVID-19 pandemic. All epicenters were downwind from oil refineries. Seniors were most affected, yet diagnostics were defined with an age range biased towards seniors. ABC News reviewed the study August, 2001, after vetting, The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients published the study subsequently.

The Pollution Pandemic

Mainstream Media is pushing a Harvard study, which describes air pollution correlations with COVID-19. The study is saying that vulnerables (to COVID-19) are generated by long-term air pollution.

A small increase in long-term exposure to PM2.5 leads to a large increase in COVID-19 death rate, with the magnitude of increase 20 times that observed for PM2.5 and all-cause mortality.[Wu_4/5/20]

Another study, from Tel Aviv University, describes the NO2 air pollution component as a “most important contributor” to the COVID-19 pandemic.

[Nitrogen dioxide (NO2),] is one of the most obvious contributors to fatality caused by the COVID-19 virus in these regions and maybe across the whole world.[Ogen_20]

There are at least 12 studies finding a link between air pollution and coronavirus disease. It is good that they support the air pollution thesis, however, all of them declare an unsupported belief in coronavirus.

One absurd study claims that it finds coronavirus riding on pollution particles, and that this could explain how the virus spreads so far.

Typical epicenters

Wuhan (China), the initial epicenter, is one of the most air-polluted cities in the world. China produces and imports toxic fracked fuel and has extremely low environmental standards. 80% of China’s energy production is from coal. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were street riots against killer air pollution and activists were persecuted.

How could anyone blame Wuhan’s epidemics of respiratory disease on a virus?

Photo: CNN (7/11/2019)

Plume (air pollution app) often shows Wuhan at five times the pollution level found in New York City. Wuhan is usually reported as Very High, Extreme, or Excessive.

Beijing BEFORE COVID-19 [Pearce 2018]:

Other China cities

The pollution thesis would expect Wuhan COVID-19 deaths to be high and continuous. Yet, China tells the world that they have few COVID-19 deaths beyond its initial epidemic period, and that this is due to their strict and successful quarantine.

The China lie was revealed by Steven Mosher, a China expert, who investigated cremations and body bag counts. Mosher stated during a Fox News interview, that Wuhan’s death incidence is ongoing, at an incidence of approximately 400/100K persons as of 4/7/20, and rising.

And then on March 23rd, after the 60-day crematoria frenzy, they began handing out funeral urns,” Mosher added. “Five hundred funeral urns a day to grieving relatives from seven crematoria at times 14 days. Again, that’s about fifty thousand.

Madrid (Spain) has vied for position as the next highest death incidence. Spain imports its petroleum products from Qatar, major exporters of toxic fracked fuel for industry and power plants.

Photo: ZDnet

Plume often shows high NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) pollution for Madrid.

Milan (Italy) vies with Spain for most deaths outside of China, and is accused of under-reporting. Milan has been called, “Europe’s most polluted city.” Milan imports much of its petroleum products, fracked, from the US. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, traffic in Milan and Rome has been banned and people told to stay indoors because of intense air pollution.

Photo: BBC 2/2/2020

A common Plume report for Milan is “High” and “Very High”.

The NY/NJ/CT region and the Gulf state of Louisiana

These are the two regions of highest incidence within the US. What do they have in common? They are within the two largest petrochemical industrial regions in the US.

Air pollution and missing data

4/7/2020, in the morning, Plume reported “Excessive” and “Extreme” for New York City, with high and sustained NO2 levels. I predicted record COVID-19 deaths. Then later in the day, the media confirmed my prediction by reporting all-time record high COVID-19 deaths. That evening, I reviewed Plume again and found the air pollution historical data missing.

Instead, absurdly, New York City was shown to have an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 3, due to the missing data, NO2, PM10, and O3.

The same problem began occurring for New Orleans air pollution during high death counts. Other cities (with less COVID-19 deaths) do not have this extreme missing data problem.

I reviewed NYCDOH COVID-19 death reports for 4/7/2020, and found, “High death counts are due to delayed reporting.” Thus, on the day of record-high mortality, both medical and environmental data is suddenly missing.

There is a correlation between missing data and high COVID-19 death counts.

Petrochemical epicenters

New York City and New Orleans epicenters are both adjacent to and downwind from the largest petrochemical regions in the U.S.

New York City is also downwind from recently installed electric power plants that are fueled with toxic fracked “natural” gas.

Poisoned Earth: Major factor

Air pollution also arrives from earth spills, accumulated from centuries of unregulated industry. These spills are common throughout New York City and adjacent New Jersey.

Usually, epidemics in the US begin in, and are heaviest in, the New York City region, e.g., the 1916 polio, 1918 Spanish flu, The Great Polio Epidemic, West Nile virus, H1N1 flu, measles, and now, COVID-19. The cover story for each epidemic is a virus.

Escape from New York

August 2019, after 40 years in the Big Apple, I left NYC due to research finding an alarming trend of rapidly increasing air pollution. I had just published my measles research, an environmental study of the record-high incidence of measles epidemics, 2018-2019, which, in the US, was mostly in New York City.

This was a tough decision, but necessary for survival. New electric power plants were going online upwind, in upstate New York and New Jersey, in anticipation of the popularity of electric cars and all-electric buildings. These plants are fueled by toxic fracked “natural” gas. Upwind is Pennsylvania, the land of approximately 11,000 fracking sites. Upwind is New Jersey, a major petrochemical refinery zone. Piped through NYC gas stoves is toxic fracked gas. The earth of NYC is soaked with centuries of industrial vaporous spills.

Telling coincidences

The initial Coronavirus epicenters in New York State of 2020 (highest in US) coincide with the three measles epicenters of 2019 (highest in US). These are Borough Park and Williamsburg in Brooklyn county, and Ramapo in Rockland county.

These epicenters (measles and COVID-19) occurred over toxic earth plumes from EPA Superfund Sites. Upwind to these epicenters are old and newly installed electric power plants, fueled by toxic fracked gas.

Within these Superfund Site epicenters, the measles epidemics in 2019 were blamed on unvaccinated people by restricting diagnostic investigations to the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated were fined $1,500.

The Coronavirus epidemics of 2020 were blamed on the same people for not self-isolating. Those not complying were fined $1,000.

Sucharit Bhakdi, PhD

Prof. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi is an epidemiologist and microbiologist, the chairman of The Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at Mainz University for 22 years. He is one of Germany’s the most cited researchers. Bhakdi has “demystified” the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bhakdi supports the air pollution thesis over the virus thesis.

He does, however, maintain the burden of virus belief, and is thus stuck with a long and somewhat false argument in the style of Peter Duesberg, PhD.

Bhakdi must support virology because if he denied the virus, he would lose his career, publishing access, and paycheck, “overnight”, as I have been told is the general case by environmental authorities. For example, Peter Duesberg, PhD became famous for merely doubting the degree of hazard attributed to HIV, the virus declared to be the cause of AIDS. Duesberg was persecuted and prosecuted, apparently because he was a highly respected virologist and tenured professor going against his religious institution.

Bhakdi describes COVID-19 as “low-risk”, rather than as dissidents such as myself do, which is, “an unproven entity”.

The no-virus argument is much simpler, much easier to remember and discuss. It merely puts the burden of proof on virologists where it belongs. It puts the burden of proof properly on anyone who makes claims about viruses. The no-virus argument merely asks two questions which virologists cannot answer: 1) Where was virus isolation properly achieved? 2) Where was toxicological causation properly discounted?

Virology has no answer, and thus its claims are moot.

Bhakdi is doing what he can within his profession’s political limitations to bring attention to air pollution and COVID-19 contradictions. Bhakdi describes the COVID-19 pandemic as “tragic”, a dramatized hyper-focus on Coronavirus, essentially a misdiagnosis of diseases that traditionally happen among the already severely ill, and often due to ongoing air pollution.

Here is the introduction from Bhakdi’s interview, “Coronavirus COVID-19 – hype and hysteria? Demystification of the nightmare!”, March 19, 2020.

Q: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, you are an infectious disease specialist. You are one of the most cited medical disease specialists in Germany… What are Coronaviruses?

Bhakdi:  These viruses co-exist with humans and animals around the globe. The viruses are the cause of very common minor diseases of the respiratory tract… A new member is on stage spreading fear around the world.

Q: Why?

Bhakdi: The new COVID-19 originated in China and spread rapidly. It appeared to be accompanied by an unexpected high number of deaths. Alarming reports followed from Northern Italy that concurred with the Chinese experience. It must, however, be pointed out that the large majority of outbreaks in other parts of the world appeared to display lower mortality rates.

Q: Why “appeared” to display mortality rates?

Bhakdi: When patients concurrently have other illnesses, an infectious agent must not be held solely responsible for a lethal outcome. This happens for COVID-19, but such a conclusion is false and gives rise to the danger that other important factors are overlooked. Different mortality rates may well be due to different local situations. For example, what does northern Italy have in common with China? Answer: Horrific air pollution. The highest in the world. Northern Italy is the China of Europe…

Q: The highest alert level has been declared and extreme preventative measures have been installed in the desperate attempt to slow the spread of this virus.

Bhakdi: Yes, and this is the incredible tragedy. Because all these measures are actually senseless…

Bhakdi is saying that historically, coronaviruses “cohabit with humans” and they are not commonly known for serious effects. He says that a positive test result is “not the disease”.
Contrast that with Dr. Birx, who, while representing the Federal Administration, stated that deaths and disease are diagnosed as COVID-19 largely by a mere association with a positive test result.

Thus, even in the mainstream, virus-believing world, a “case” is not necessarily the disease, and any COVID-19 disease is not necessarily due to COVID-19.

Thus the advertised pandemic is, to an unknown degree, a pandemic of testing. Yet, from the standpoint of the pollution thesis, there is a real pollution pandemic, of which the test is measuring residual biological responses (falsely interpreted as COVID-19 antibodies).

5G not primary cause

Some believe that electromagnetic fields (EMF) from 5G are causing the pandemic. This is unlikely because 5G protocol was not substantially present in all the epicenters, and the 60GHz frequency, the form of 5G that would purportedly cause COVID-19 symptoms, was not yet deployed.

5G is not a common enough denominator.

See the 5G deployment map of Madrid during the COVID-19 pandemic. Madrid vies with Italy and Wuhan for the world’s highest incidence of COVID-19 death. Yet 5G was minimally deployed. This map, updated daily, represents the network of only one of Madrid’s four telecom companies, the only one that had installed 5G as of 4/7/2020. 5G deployment is portrayed in blue.

The map shows that 5G accounts for less than 0.5 percent of WiFi installation in Madrid during the epidemic, and there is no information regarding the frequencies employed.

Electromagnetic smog, whether it arrives from 4G or 5G routers, or power EMF from cables and devices, can generate biological hypersensitivity to toxic chemicals, and thus would be able to cause many COVID-like symptoms such as respiratory symptoms and fever. However, the map demonstrates that electro-smog can only be a contributor to this pandemic, not a primary cause.

The self-quarantines and lockdowns could increase electro-smog, when people live their lives through social media, sitting near high-EMF computer monitors and Internet routers, increasing EMF stress. The official guidelines are “stay connected” but “self-isolated”.

Higher frequencies (presumed with 5G) are more readily absorbed by the skin, thereby attenuating EMF energy (though damaging the skin). 5G proponents assert that high 5G frequencies such as 60GHz, caused the pandemic by splitting oxygen molecules, rendering oxygen difficult for lungs to absorb. However, 5G proponents misread their own supporting studies.

I have reached out to 5G causation proponents, including the admirable Arthur Firstenberg, and have yet to receive a reply.


Q1: Why does Los Angeles far fewer COVID-19 deaths than NYC despite its huge population?

A1: The regional fuel consists of only 20% fracked fuel.

Q2: Why does Sweden have few COVID-19 deaths despite its lack of social distancing?

A2: Sweden burns petrochemical fuel from Russia, where fracking is banned. Caveat: Death incidence could rise if testing procedures are changed or if Sweden switches petroleum sources.

Q3: Why do journalists refer to fracked natural gas as “clean natural gas, a bridge to sustainable fuels”, as if fracked natural gas is the same as “clean natural gas”?

A3: Probably because they and their editors are influenced by industrial pressure. The Environmental Working Group describes the near impossibility of obtaining information about fracking. Yet even it discusses fracking without mentioning the toxicity of fracked natural gas. Its article title includes the term “toxic natural gas” but this refers to the fracking process, not the gas. Non-fracked natural gas can also contain toxic contaminants such as mercury.

Q4: Why does the pandemic appear to be infectious? That is, how did it start in a single place, Wuhan, and appear to spread throughout the world?

A4: Different epicenters have different environmental histories. Wuhan is one of the world’s most air-polluted cities. Earth pollution also is likely tremendous. A global increase of fracked fuel exhaust toxicity would present new forms of toxicity, and cause new forms of disease. The pandemic would appear first in the most historically poisoned areas such as Wuhan. It would appear first in the most poisoned individuals, the vulnerables.

Q5: In the hypothetical context of Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell’s observations, why would doctors promote a diagnosis that would lessen the chance of patient survival?

A5: Perhaps high-level Medicos design treatment guidelines that promote misdiagnoses in order to disguise the symptoms of cyanide poisoning. Devra Davis has documented many epidemics which were purposefully misdiagnosed to hide industrial disasters. You, the reader, can prove this common practice at the clinical level. Example 1: It is known that “flu” is often a misdiagnosis of air pollution poisoning, such as, from stove or boiler exhaust, however, your doctor likely diagnoses flu-like symptoms as viral without reviewing your environment. The consequences can be tragic for you and profitable for the doctor because you would likely return to the toxic scenario that caused your “flu”. That would force you to return to the doctor with a worse case or a deathly case. Example 2: Your doctor does not inform you that diagnostic ultrasound is controversial.

Theories of purpose

The trigger of the pandemic is changes in fracking refinery protocols that enable higher fuel exhaust toxicity. This industry is being closed down. It has long been financially tenuous, with little profit margin, dependent on environmental exemptions. Fracking is exempt from The Clean Water Act. Hopefully, its death knell is real.

After months of market pressure upon the fracking industry due to Arab and Russian price wars, the US Oil market was devastated, “a doomsday scenario”, just as US states prepared to phase out of the lockdowns. This day is the worst since 1983. Oil suppliers must pay to have oil moved. Is this a COVID-19 coincidence? This could be elite management action, appearing to be free market interactions.

COVID-19 fear brings change

1) Studies of air pollution and COVID-19 motivate polluting industries to clean up, yet without public blame, because the fake virus takes the blame.

2) Public tolerance for pollution levels will increase. COVID-19 is a continuation of medical public training: Disease is due to germs and defective genes, not industrial pollution. Yea for vaccines.

3) COVID-19 enables pollution masks to be socially acceptable as they have been in China and Milan.

4) COVID-19 expands Medical power and infrastructure.

5) Populations are forced to modernize online, i.e., to learn about the possibilities of the Internet: Zoom and Skype for work and society, online shopping, bills, and government.

6) Nations decentralize. Cities become less important, due to the Internet.

Fracking’s demise?

Almost 40% of oil and natural gas producers face insolvency within the year… Production shut-ins aren’t just a U.S. phenomenon: wells are being turned off from Scandinavia to Brazil as crude producers wilt under the crash.[Bloomberg 5/3/2020]


“Case” is misleading, because cases are not well defined. A mere positive for an already sick person is enough for a COVID-19 diagnosis. “Death” is more accurate, because death is more likely to be associated with definitive symptoms like fever and lung damage.

Cases and deaths are misleading, for example: NY Times, “Morning Briefing” (4/23/2020): …the US outbreak… by far the world’s largest…

All public information outlets should be using the word “incidence”.

Incidence is best because it reveals disease intensity, disease per population. It reveals patterns that point to toxic sources. Fracked fuel exhaust correlates with deaths. See incidence table.

Interpreting incidence

View the table as three sections: High, Medium, and Low COVID incidence. These correlate with high, mixed, and low fracked oil exhaust exposure and earth pollution.

The US may be “the largest” (outside of China), but it is much farther down the list in terms of incidence. If US refinery epicenters are subtracted, US incidence would be “the smallest” in the world.

The difference

New York City incidence is much higher than US incidence. Therefore, what is different about New York City? MASSIVE EARTH POLLUTION, as depicted by PropertyShark map:

Caveat: Spill maps are good for earth pollution studies, but do not always accurately indicate presently active hazards. There is a political element. For assertive discussion, Example 1: The green area in high-rent Manhattan, on the east side is Stuyvesant Town, 11,000 apartment buildings. This is the former site of a manufactured gas plant (MGP), which in my opinion, should be designated a still hazardous Superfund Site (a risk if one lives near ground level). Example 2: Brooklyn Naval Yard is the former site of shipbuilders during WWI and WWII and further back in history for 400 years. It shows on the map as an area of relative non-concern. Example 3: Fifty refineries once operated near Greenpoint and Williamsburg (Brooklyn) during the pre-regulatory era. Chemical spills are the largest in US history. The map doesn’t represent the risks of that polluted earth appropriately.

The map is a great contribution to further study. However, maps of disease incidence are best indicators of pollution, and for that reason, Departments of Health do not provide detailed epidemiological maps. They, however, state that the reason is patient privacy. But data that invades privacy could be omitted.

Challenge: air pollution is already acknowledged as a cofactor for COVID-19 disease. Incidence is high in NYC because it has a higher population density, and thus, social distance is not maintained well and the virus spreads more efficiently.

Answer: Population density is not a common denominator. A comparison of the five NYC boroughs refutes the theory of population density. The boroughs are all within a small geographical area, sharing a common environment in terms of above-ground air pollution, yet Manhattan has the highest population density and lowest incidence.

Manhattan has more people located on higher floors, away from earth pollution. Bronx has the highest incidence. It has more people located on lower floors near earth pollution. It is nearest to the newly installed upwind electric power plants.

Essentially, New York City is a Petri dish of poisoned vulnerables who are revealed by a dye of toxic fracked-fuel exhaust. The revelation can be death.

China’s lies

The Western mainstream (CNN, NY Times, etc) often reversed its faith in China’s propaganda. The mainstream believed or disbelieved China’s claims about the COVID-19 pandemic, depending upon the mainstream’s agenda. 1) It disbelieved China’s initial claim that there was no epidemic, because the mainstream was driving the epidemic cause and perception. 2) It believed China’s claim that China attenuated the epidemic through lockdowns, because the mainstream was promoting lockdowns. 3) It disbelieved China’s claim that it was not the initiator of the pandemic, because there was an apparent opportunity to sue China for compensation or create political smoke by accusing China.


February 28, 2020, Trump called the pandemic a “hoax”, for political reasons, blaming the Democrats. I assume not because of any awareness of the pollution connection. Soon after, Trump looked bad as, in March, COVID-19 deaths mounted. As of this writing, 5/6/2020, the economy is opening up slowly, yet COVID-19 mortality continues at a reduced and “flattened” rate.

A second COVID death wave could arrive if the pollution gates are opened wide again. Dr. Fauci might well be correct about a greater epidemic returning during cooler weather — but not because of COVID-19, rather because of unrelenting fracked fuel or other petrochemical toxicity, and badly vented earth pollution due to closed windows during cool weather.

By using “COVID-19” as an indicator of air pollution, the most recent CDC data, 5/2/2020, is indicating a toxicity slow-down.[CDC 5/2/2020] Death rates are presently diminishing.

A personal air pollution meter consists of your senses. Sense the subtle signs of inflammation by tuning into your sinuses, throat, lungs, and mucus membranes. They are providing real apolitical feedback on air toxicity.

[See also those Multiple References]

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