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Target: Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland, Australia

Goal: Permanently ban the dangerous and harmful practice of fracking in Queensland’s indigenous communities.

An indigenous community in Queensland, Australia is under threat by the fracking industry. Their entire way of life may be forever altered if the state’s government renews the fracking permits for the gas company Blue Energy. These permits expired at the end of 2018. Others will expire in March 2019. Sign the petition to demand the government not renew these permits and ban fracking from Queensland’s indigenous communities.

Blue Energy holds permits for over 2,900 square kilometers of the Butchulla community’s land. The permits were signed in 2010 by the community’s elders. Now, the community is saying Blue Energy and the government failed to educate those elders on the dangers of fracking. They were taken advantage of.

Fracking will cause earthquakes. It may pollute the area’s drinking water. It may kill the area’s animals and even cause illness among those living in the area. The landscape of the Butchulla’s community will change forever. They have a right to decide on the fate of their home. Sign the petition to demand that fracking be banned in their community.


Dear Premier Palaszczuk,

The Butchulla indigenous community of Queensland is under threat. Their way of life may forever be changed if Blue Energy is allowed to frack within their land. The community has vocally opposed the renewal of Blue Energy’s permits. Please listen to their voice.

Fracking may cause earthquakes. It may contaminate drinking water. It may kill animals and even cause illness in humans. The risks far outweigh the benefits. I demand that you heed the concerns of the Butchulla community and not renew Blue Energy’s fracking permits.


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