Fallacious Dunce Josh Fox Goes to Planet Ithaca to Reboot

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Bob Nolan
Wayne County, Pennsylvania, Landowner


Failed film-maker, tin ear musician and hopelessly insecure and inept, part time lousy raconteur and full time liar, Josh Fox, has come up for air.

Josh Fox has apparently temporarily abandoned the stuffed animals, coloring books and hot chocolate in his mommy basement in an apparent attempt to fund his next trivial, ego stroking adventure.

Hoping to go to the same well once again to bilk some cash out his equally vacuous and vapid sophomoric sycophants, the bespectacled buffoon ventured to the friendly confines of Planet Ithaca to pan for gold. It was, of course, the logical place to go, being the famous Park Foundation/Cornell University lode so well known for funding any effort to steal God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed property rights from the middle/working class plebeians they and he so despise.

So, the lying little geek took his nefarious schtick on the road once again. Was it enough? Having been reduced to an insignificant blight on the environmental activist scene after revealing himself to be a dunce at Standing Rock and in appearances on Fox News, he needed a boost and a big one.

He had never amounted to much more than a brief blip on the film industry radar, so what would comprise the sales pitch of the goof in the Yankee cap this lap around the track?

Not even those most skeptical of the spineless, empty suit could’ve predicted the depths of the licentious narrative unfolding in the Fox’s den, but first a bit of housekeeping.

Our Fallacious Dunce loves to portray himself as a Wayne County, Pennsylvania native, telling us all Milanville, PA is the only home he’s known. Then, with the next breath, he accuses county residents of portraying him as a “liberal New York Jew in a Yankee cap”. I’ve lived in Wayne County for 63 of 65 years and have yet to hear any local refer to him as such. Rather, it’s always “that lying carpetbagger in the Yankee cap.” Just keep making the story up as you go, right Josh?

The not so sly Fox has now debuted a spoken monologue titled “The Truth Has Changed,” and he wants you to foot the bill. Just a note, by the way, to empty suits everywhere: the truth is a constant, what’s true remains so. There are different shades of lying, however.

One of those shades is revealed In an epically preposterous fund raising pitch by Josh Fox. In what can only be an epic falsehood, the anything but intrepid filmmaker now portrays himself as a 9/11 first responder with this from his promotions for his monologue and book by the same name:

“The Truth Has Changed” is a solo monologue that traces the arc of American political life from 9/11 to Trump from a front line perspective. From his experience as a first responder during 9/11

What did he do? Was he a firefighter, a cop, an ambulance crew member or none of those things? With so many brave police, firefighters, EMT’s responding on Manhattan, at the Pentagon and at Shanksville, and hundreds making the ultimate sacrifice, hyping up claims such as this is as disgraceful as it gets….an attempt to profit from their heroism when, in reality, the faux Fox seems to have been busy staging the unheard of drama “HyperReal America” with his supposed non-profit, Sweet Jane Productions, Inc. d/b/a the International WOW Company. Like of all of his work, it was apparently another piece of anti-patriotic trash.

Then, there was that Thanksgiving Day at Standing Rock when the apocryphal Fox literally risked his life crossing a bridge he tells us:

Josh Fox has had a front row seat—a first responder after 9/11, filming Deepwater close up from the air and on the ground, a member of the Bernie Sanders’ delegation of the Democratic Platform Committee, risking his life to cross a bridge on Thanksgiving Day at Standing Rock, traveling around the country, shooting his films…

Wow…..must’ve been akin to Bloody Ridge on Guadalcanal….how did you get out alive, Josh?

After all of this self aggrandizement, all of the “Hey, everyone, look at poor, spineless, little me and my failed film career as I try to make a living stealing what’s yours…your property rights as a land owner” Fox then descends to unspeakable depths. Ah. yes, he resorts to exploiting the Holocaust:

And yes, it (The Truth Has Changed) talks about my personal history with Nazis. My grandparents survived WWII, and fled Nazis all across Europe. I have to tell this story now, as racism and fascism are on the rise in America.I need to do my part in fighting off this dangerous racist tide in America.

Your “personal history with Nazis”……really? Let me tell you about someone who really did know Nazis, lots of them, up close and personal…a real personal history, unlike your heisting of your grandparents’ story. My late mother-in-law, Brigitta, was born in 1930 in East Prussia, in Germany. Brigitta lived in the suburbs surrounding Danzig, Germany. Today, Danzig is Gdansk, Poland.

Brigitta would eventually emigrate to the United States after World War II and she adopted the nickname, Kitty. But in the 1930’s, Kitty was a happy go lucky child from a well established Jewish family of some means. She loved ice skating on the frozen rivers around Danzig during those long, bitter cold Baltic winters.

That lifestyle came to a screeching halt after September, 1939. Kitty’s ice skating was finished, survival was now the daily struggle for an 8 to 9 year old forced to wear a large Star of David sewn on her garments and now taunted by jack booted thugs as “Juden.”

Real Nazis showed propaganda films across the occupied Third Reich portraying Kitty and her ilk as vermin, much as Josh Fox does today to slander and demean those with whom he disagrees.

Miraculously, Kitty survived the war forcibly imprisoned in a slave labor/concentration camp, while almost her entire family was liquidated along with all their property an wealth. Kitty had nothing but the rags on her teenage body.

Unlike the pathetic, lying, failed filmmaker, Kitty knew Nazis…and she knew them too well. What horrible events did Kitty witness as a child/young teenager and take to her grave with her? She was much like my WWII combat veteran father, who never talked of those daily horrors witnessed and endured.

Kitty had a real story to tell, but the memories were to painful to resurrect, unlike the loudmouth loser who chooses to exploit Kitty’s struggle and that of millions like her for his personal gain….and who now accuses his fellow countrymen of being Nazis and racists because they eschew his phony environmental spiel and his blatant cooperation in left’s unwarranted, unhinged assault on the good folks of the Upper Delaware River Basin.

And, he wonder why we call him the “lying carpetbagger in the Yankee cap.” I have a message for him; “switch to your dunce cap if you’re offended, Little Fella.

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