Let’s Talk About Joe Biden’s Terrible, Economy-Destroying Ideas | Election 2020

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During Sunday night’s debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden promised to wreck the American energy industry. That would wreck the American economy. The Houston Chronicle reports:

After Sanders pressed ahead on his pledge to ban hydraulic fracturing across the United States in a bid to address climate change, Biden uttered the words, “no new fracking.”

But it was unclear if he was joining with Sanders or simply restating his own plan to ban new oil and gas drilling on federal lands, something that he and other Democratic candidates like former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg pledged – as his campaign said after the debate.

Biden added:

We should be talking about things I’ve been talking a bout for years, like high speed rail, taking millions of automobiles off the road, making sure that we move in a direction where no more, no more drilling on federal lands, making sure that we invest in changing the entire fleet of the U.S. military.

By all means, we should talk about this, because it’s nuts. What powers the high-speed rail? Does it run on hope and change? As a contagious virus spreads across the world, shutting down whole economies in its wake, Biden wants to force us all onto trains and remove our ability to move around independently of a mass-transit system. That’s nuts. Deadly stupid. Those trains would be viral hotboxes. He wants to change over the entire U.S. military vehicle fleet to…what, exactly, since he won’t allow fracking or any new drilling?

Biden added:

“No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period. Ends.”

You can’t power a tank on love and rainbows. You can’t get a helicopter in the air on its own wind power. The physics don’t work. Teslas are cool and all, but you still have to burn something to power them. The only question is where you’re burning it. The batteries require chemicals that someone has to take out of the ground, which produces big holes, toxic chemicals and also requires energy. No more mining either?

Biden’s immoderate proposal would do several things, none of them good at all. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak from China, the economy was humming along thanks a great deal to the affordability of energy. That’s powered by the unprecedented amount of oil and natural gas production in the Permian in New Mexico and Texas. Fracking is one of the key means of producing oil and gas in the U.S. Fracking is safe and has been a major part of our energy extraction techniques for about 50 years. Ban fracking, and hundreds of years worth of energy we know are under the ground will stay there. But we still need energy, so we’ll have to buy it from the Middle East and Russia. Hundreds of thousands of Americans would be out of work across several states. Governments in those states would be grappling with the effects of widespread unemployment and severely reduced revenues at the same time, both tax revenues from oil production and from the salaries that are no longer being paid to those jobless thousands.

Biden may as well promise famine and pestilence while he’s at it. Well, famine. We already have a pestilence on the scene.

The hard, cold fact is both of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates have said enough. They would: Keep the borders wide open in a time of global pandemic, crush American energy production, tax the you-know-what out of job creators, and thereby destroy what’s left of our economy.

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