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Bent over slightly, his hands grasp the palm tree. His face stares into the camera with something between grimace, reproach and uneasy smile. “Help me,” his eyes cry. Behind him, another officer has taken his appointed position, two fingers lightly resting on the first man’s hips, his potbelly projected forward as if to preserve a minimum safe distance.

We can thank the urgent hunt for two exhibitionists suspected of fricking and fracking in public all over Bangkok for the indelible image of two Thai cops re-enacting their pelvic pounding near a Kasetsart University tennis court. The image has been gleefully circulated online to the great delight and confusion of many.

Why? Protocol, according to Lt. Col. Anan Worasart of the Bang Khen Police Station. Asked if perhaps the guys were just horsing around and being funny, Anan bristled at the idea, saying they were executing their duties and did not mean to be funny.

“We were doing our jobs, finding the angle where the obscenity took place,” Anan said by phone Tuesday. “Then a reporter at the scene took the picture, which spread widely online.”

Big surprise, that. Still, Bang Khen’s finest aren’t happy with the attention the photo has gotten, as Anan urged a reporter not to further disseminate the bizarre image.

“Please cooperate with us,” he asked a reporter. “Don’t play the news that way.”

How the re-creation of the Jan. 10 incident could help solve the dastardly crime is anyone’s guess. Their positioning is less than accurate, when compared to the source material, which is readily found on the hub for such things.

But solved, it is. An unidentified 30-year-old man and 24-year-old woman turned themselves in today at the station. They told the police it was the first time they’d taken their freak out in public, despite the appearance of similar videos on the same Pornhub channel.

Both were charged with public obscenity and computer crimes.

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