Reaction to Harthill planning approval – DRILL OR DROP?

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Reaction to Harthill planning approval

180125 Harthill site visit Paul Rowland 6

Site visit to Harthill, 25 January 2018. Photo: Paul Rowland

In a decision published today, the Planning Inspectorate has given the green light to Ineos to explore for Shale gas at a site in the village of Harthill in South Yorkshire.   DrillOrDrop report

The company had appealed for non-determination of its application by Rotherham Council. The council later voted to oppose the scheme at the public inquiry in April and May.

DrillOrDrop is compiling reaction to the decision.

Sir Kevin Barron, MP
Rother Valley

“Very disappointed that Ineos have been granted planning permission for fracking in Harthill. I will continue to fight this decision as I still believe there are too many unanswered questions around fracking.”

Cllr Dominic Beck
Member for Harthill, Rotherham Council

“Incredibly disappointed INEOS are given the go ahead to construct a Well Site in Harthill. Still very proud of @FrackOffIneos and many others for fighting hard to protect our area. This won’t stop!!”

Andy Tickle,
Council to Protect Rural England
South Yorkshire

“We’re very disappointed that the Planning Inspectorate has allowed the appeal by INEOS to drill near Harthill, in Rotherham’s beautiful countryside. It’s a kick in the teeth for local campaigners and Rotherham Council, who understood the overwhelming view of the public that this development was neither wanted nor needed”

“We were pleased that the Inspector recognised the local impacts on landscape and ecology but are worried that the impacts of the construction traffic on local country lanes has been severely underestimated”

“We certainly do not agree that the Government’s desire to exploit this unsustainable energy source should mean that industrialising the countryside is acceptable”.


Natalie Bennett. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Natalie Bennett
Former leader of the Green Party

“Extremely disappointing news on #Harthill #fracking. Not here (I was at part of the planning inquiry & traffic complications are immense on narrow roads), not anywhere”

Andy Gheorghiu
Policy Advisor, Food and Water Europe

“A very sad day for democracy! We must unite to fight #IneosVthePeople!”


Updated to correct typo in quote by Sir Kevin Barron. “answered questions” should have read “unanswered questions”

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  1. gasmansays:

    Q will any of these protesters be using Gas to heat their Homes by any chance. ?

  2. Phil Csays:

    While i’m at it, here is yesterdays video report from Ian R Crane reporting on the fact that there are no emergency procedures in place and such assurances that we do have appear to be secret and we are not allow to know what they are, or indeed if they even exist?

    And just to prove that the UK do not have anything anywhere near gold standards these are the emergency procedure regulations set up in USA by the EPA ( Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) ) in 1986!! But we have nothing, nothing whatsoever in 2018, and what we do have, if anything, we are not even allowed to know about?

    Grenfell tower at least had regulations even if they were not adhered to? but to have none at all? That is simply criminally insane.

    • Phil Csays:

      Speculative at best, disastrous at worst, lose lose desperation TW.
      Look at the Aliso Canyon Porter Ranch release if you want to know the volumes from even a small underground storage facility.
      Molecular absorption of gas, let alone CO2 will lead to the need to do so under high volume high pressure otherwise it will not be economically viable and the risk of blowout and massive releases will be far too dangerous for anything but small scale experimental purposes. The likelihood is that it will escape into fissures and cracks and may even fracture existing rocks, then it will escape into other strata, and react with them, particularly if they contain water, and that will escape to the surface and into lakes and rivers acidifying them, dead fish and wildlife poisoned water, sheer insanity, we are back to the fracking debacle again.

      What does CO2 and water produce?

      Carbon dioxide dissolves slightly in water to form a weak acid called carbonic acid, H2CO3: CO2 + H2O H2CO3
      Carbonic acid reacts slightly and reversibly in water to form a hydronium cation, H3O+, and the bicarbonate ion, HCO3-: H2CO3 + H2O HCO3- + H3O+ This chemical behavior explains why water, which normally has a neutral pH of 7 has an acidic pH of approximately 5.5 when it has been exposed to air. It also explains the burning/stinging sensation.

      Think of that on an enormous scale?

      Nice try, but no fracking cigar.

  3. Phil Csays:

    PS gasman, do frackers breathe clean air? Do frackers drink clean water? Do frackers eat clean food grown in a clean environment? Do frackers live in an environment that supports their life? Does any fracker live in or near Harthill where this fracking debacle will be imposed against the wishes of the people and the council?

    • GottaBKiddingsays:

      Your myths of adverse consequences related to fracking are very close to being busted Phil. Game over for you lot fast approaching.

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