September 2018 drilling headlines – DRILL OR DROP?

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Anti-fracking campaigners outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool where fracking is imminent. Photo: Ros Wills, 24 August 2018

September 2018 is expected to see the first UK high volume hydraulic fracturing for seven years when Cuadrilla fracks its first horizontal well in Lancashire. Also this month decisions are due on oil and shale gas sites and protest injunctions.

You can keep up with the news here with DrillOrDrop’s digest of headlines about fracking, shale and onshore oil and gas, updated daily.

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Top headlines this month:

  • Europa oil and Gas pulls out of Leith Hill oil site as Environment Secretary refuses to extend lease
  • High Court curtails wide-ranging UKOG protest injunction – judge refuses leave to appeal
  • UK councils invest £9bn+ of pension funds in fracking companies
  • West Sussex County Council officers backs more time for oil exploration at Broadford bridge

5 September 2018

IGas granted injunction for exploration sites at Misson, Tinker Lane and Ellesmere Port. DrillOrDrop report

Balcombe prepares for flow test of oil well.DrillOrDrop report on arrangements for community liaison group, permit transfer and fundraising. Balcombe Parish Council post

The Tories are pushing through fracking. Labour will ban. Shadow climate change secretary, Barry Gardiner, writing in the New Stateman, calls on the energy minister, Claire Perry, to visit Lancashire shale gas sites.

4 September 2018

180904 Fil Jackson edit

Opponents of oil drilling near Leith Hill react to the news that Europa Oil and Gas is pulling out of Bury Hill Wood. Photo: Fil Jackson, 4 September 2018

Breaking: Oil companies pull out of Leith Hill drilling site in Surrey. DrillOrDrop report, The Guardian, Proactive Investors, Oil Voice, BBC News

High Court extends for 14 hours the Europa Oil & Gas protest injunction for its exploration site at Bury Hill Wood, near Leith Hill in Surrey.DrillOrDrop report

Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, blocks oil drilling in the Surrey Hills to protect ancient woodland. DrillOrDrop report

Government faces second legal challenge over new planning rules on fracking and onshore oil and gas. DrillOrDrop report, Guardian

Eviction attempted at anti-fracking camp near Cuadrilla’s shale gas site. DrillorDrop report

Deputy judge in the UKOG injunction case refuses leave to appeal to challenges. Update to DrillOrDrop report

People have been frightened into silence – campaigners warn of threat to rights from oil drilling injunction. The Ecologist reports on the challenge by six women to a wide-ranging injunction against protests at oil sites in Surrey and Sussex.

Green Party leadership announcement. The Green Party announces that Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry have been appointed its new leaders. Amelia Womack was re-elected for a third term as deputy. The Ecologist

Why are councils investing in the fracking industry they oppose? Matthew Brown, leader of Preston City Council, writing in The Guardian, says local authorities should be investing in a greener future – not using pensions to fund the very companies they are battling.

YP Letters: Fracking’s okay – if you live hundreds of miles away. Jarvis Browning, of York, and Robert Bottamley, of Hedon, writing to the Yorkshire Post, respond to a letter by Michael Barker (see 1 September 2018). Mr Bottamley says:

WMany thanks for conveying Michael Baker’s reassurances that concerns over fracking are “groundless”. They bring to mind the man who, having leapt from the top of a skyscraper, shouted as he passed each window on the way down, “So far, so good!”

3 September 2018

Breaking: High Court curtails wide-ranging UKOG injunction against oil site protests.DrillOrDrop report, Telegraph, Daily Mail, BBC News, Surrey Live, Upstream online, Shropshire Star, Shares Magazine

Breaking: Campaigners seek appeal against UKOG injunction. DrillOrDrop report

UK councils invest £9bn of pension funds in fracking companies – new research.DrillOrDrop report on data on investment by UK council pension funds. FT, DeSmogUK, BBC, Public Sector Executive,

Fracking is back in England – and only the Tories want it. The UK’s former diplomatic envoy on climate change, John Ashton, writing in The Guardian, says the government doesn’t care that Lancastrians protested against fracking, the council rejected it and the health impacts are shocking. he says:

“The Conservatives are said to be concerned about the party’s inability to attract young people. But it is the young who will pay the highest price for the mistakes we make now. If I could be young again, I would not for one moment consider supporting a party that treated my future with such brazen contempt.”

Change of adviser. Angus Energy tells investors it has appointed Stockdale Securities Ltd as its nominated adviser and broker.

2 September 2018

What’s happening this week? 3-9 September 2018. DrillOrDrop events listing for the coming seven days

1 September 2018

West Sussex planning officers back oil company’s bid for more time at Broadford Bridge exploration site. DrillOrDrop report

Drilling diary – September 2018 and beyond.DrillOrDrop report

Environmental groups unite to send a clear message to the government. The Canary reports that environmental groups have signed an open letter calling on the government to reject plans for a new gas power station at Selby in North Yorkshire. If approved it would be the largest in the UK. According to the letter, it would increase the need for further fracking in the UK and abroad.

YP Letters: There’s no reason to be fearful about the future of fracking. Michael Baker, from Aberdeen, writing to the Yorkshire Post, tells the paper “for almost 10 years now, I have been amazed by the flurry of groundless concerns raised by so many [about fracking].”

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