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It’s the Christmas season and everyone is out and about shopping and acquiring presents for their loved ones. Well, except guys like me that wait until the last moment. However, I want y’all to never forget the real reason for this season:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish by have everlasting life”.  — John 3:16

That is the ultimate gift, God’s gift to us all, the gift of individual salvation, freedom from sin…if we choose to open up our hearts to that present.

However, there are earthly gifts that we give that are vital to our existence here on earth, in America. Those gifts are enshrined in our Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

This week began with Nancy Pelosi stumbling through our Declaration of Independence in an attempt to try to justify the absurdity of the progressive socialist left called impeachment. Did y’all notice that at the “impeachment” press conference, all those wrinkly old leftists standing at the podium were representatives from either California or New York? So much for diversity.

That is the type of gift the leftists in America want to give to our Constitutional Republic, the disregard and disrespect of our electoral process.

But, here in Texas, we gave America a Texas-sized gift this week . . . something the leftist progressive media outlets did not talk about much at all.

Merry Christmas, America, from the Lone Star State of Texas, we are, indeed, “Energy Independent” and a net exporter of our energy, oil and natural gas, resources. That is a really big deal because our energy security promotes our economic growth/security and our national security. Thanks to the innovation, ingenuity, investment, and indomitable entrepreneurial spirit evidenced by the Texas oil and gas industry, we can now give a select finger salute to the despots, dictators, and tyrants of the OPEC (Oil Producing and Exporting Countries). We are now shipping our resources to countries who no longer have to be dependent upon folks who are sponsoring Islamic jihadism, terrorism. We can begin to cut off their support, and doggone starve them out.

We can look at Saudi Arabia and tell them to take back their military officers’ training here in America. We no longer have to be wary of developments in the Middle East and have our commodities markets react nervously about the “flow of oil.” This is the gift that Texas has given to our America, and it should be widely celebrated.

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared earlier this year at the SXSW (South by Southwest) gathering in Austin, Texas. She, while here in Texas, advocated her insanity — known as the Green New Deal — which promotes ending the oil and gas industry in America in the next ten years. How utterly imbecilic, and dangerous, as natural gas is one of the primary reasons why greenhouse gases emissions in America are down. Yes, we are exporting our LNG, of which we are the Saudi Arabia, to other countries. We can now have more of our mass transit vehicles operating using natural gas. And, this “useful idiot” would prefer that we not develop those resources, and undermine our adversaries?

Energy security is a vital aspect of our national security and foreign policy. It keeps us from being dependent on entities that seek our demise. It means that we have job growth, and Americans are enjoying low energy prices. No, I do not want a Tesla, and most Americans cannot afford said vehicle. The renewable energy sources are fine, but they are highly subsidized and yield a very low percentage of our energy footprint.

I wish our dear misguided leftist neighbors would realize that it was Jimmy Carter who created the Department of Energy to make our nation energy independent. But, this was never achieved until a former Texas governor became the Secretary of Energy and President Donald Trump took office.

Please, progressive socialists, do not offend my intelligence by trying to assert that this is all a result of Barack Obama . . . he tried to kill our fossil fuels industry, admittedly so. The advances made in our energy exploration came because of states like Texas. In places with progressive socialist lunacy in leadership, Colorado, New York, they are doing all they can in restricting energy exploration.

Our energy independence has happened over the last three years under a president that the left wants to impeach. Our energy independence has happened in this state, Texas, the Lone Star State . . . yet, we have chuckleheads like Joe Biden visiting San Antonio today. Michael “Mr. Big Gulp” Bloomberg running TV ads all over Texas. And, the delusional Elizabeth Warren is opening up campaign offices in Texas.


Time magazine announced that Greta Thunberg is their “Person of the Year.” I find that to be insidious. The real folks that Time should recognize are the men and women of the Texas oil and gas industry that have made it possible for our country to be energy independent. Not some manipulated little foreign girl who, like the left, believes it is her role to lecture others on how to live their lives. Perhaps little Miss Thunberg should be in school, and learn about the miracle of hydraulic fracturing (aka “fracking”). Perhaps next time she will bypass the coastal elites of Manhattan and come to the Permian Basin of Texas, where real Americans hang out.

So, America, when you go to the gas pump, just give a silent “Yeehaw!” America is now energy independent! Merry Christmas, y’all, from the Lone Star State of Texas. Do not ever forget, our energy security is truly an important aspect of our national security and a strong pillar of our foreign policy.

Saudis? We don’t need no stinkin’ Saudis . . .

And we sure don’t need no stinkin’ progressive socialists mucking things up here in Texas . . . so y’all either git on board or git out.

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