Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018 letters: Zinke, ski club, oil & gas, Mueller – The Denver Post

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Coloradans should be disappointed with Zinke’s record

Re: “Zinke’s real scandals aren’t his conflicts of interest,” Aug. 8 commentary

I’m a supporter of Colorado’s open spaces and rivers and an outdoorsman, and I am frequently disappointed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s record on public lands and efforts to put a gag on climate science. Let alone the fact that he has sought to shrink the size of national monuments, and pushed policies that are out-of line with Coloradans but tilt toward special interests.

Our community is still recovering from the wildfires that raged through our forests and endangered homes and families. There’s no denying the link between drought, wildfires and climate change. But Zinke believes climate change is “not proven science.”

While Zinke is in my district to attend a cabal of the far-right who offer their unyielding support for special interests over hard-working Coloradans, I’d be happy to take him on a hike through the Zirkels or fly fishing on the Yampa so he can see firsthand how much we cherish our public lands and what they mean to our Colorado way of life.

Dylan Roberts, State Representative for House District 26 in Eagle and Routt counties

City should’ve protected ski club

Re: “Winter Park’s 79-year-old Eskimo Ski Club to shut down,” Aug. 8 news story

There were a lot of heavy hearts the last few days as we read about the end of the Eskimo Ski Club. The lack of development property at the Winter Park base area has always been a problem and has limited the improvement of the ski area in many respects.
But by golly, you would think that somehow during the Intrawest era and now the Alterra era, some kind of simple locker/lunch room for these kids could have been required by the city of Denver as a mitigation measure during the permitting process for the profit oriented improvements (new condos, etc.) that have been made. As with all other outdoor activities, the future is the kids.

Tom Buzbee,Eagle

Stand up against big oil and gas

During this election cycle, remember to ask candidates and elected officials their position on oil and gas development. Clean air and clean drinking water are fundamental. But the oil and gas industries prey upon minority neighborhoods, the landless, and the poor.
Study after study confirms that minorities live in polluted areas or “sacrifice zones.” Also, pipeline proximity lowers the value of residential property in urban and suburban areas. Too, the fragile ecosystems of our high plains are put in peril by fracking.
Big Horn sheep avoid the middle of the road. Why can’t our politicians?

Jeffery Moser,Aurora

As a concerned mother, grandmother, and Colorado resident, I cringe every time I hear another part of our beautiful state is being sacrificed to drilling.

Have we forgotten that this is a finite source of energy being sought? Are we going to continue until the last drop of oil has been squeezed out of the earth and we become barren and unsustainable? Logically, we need to pour our efforts into alternative solutions.

More fracking operations, with their huge water consumption are the last logical choice to consider for any Western state with the extreme drought and fire danger we’ve been experiencing.

I applaud everyone who refuses to be bribed or bullied into thinking otherwise and has the courage to stand up for our beautiful state!

Theresa Leonhardt,Littleton

Mueller’s light is the only cure

Our president has a shadow over him and his activities.

Whether it is collaboration with our antagonist Russia, or illegal financial dealings while in office, there are many questions that need answering.

The best way to answer these, and clear his name — if innocent — is to proceed fully with the Robert Mueller III investigation.
Our Congress must support Mueller wherever that quest leads.

The way to overcome evil is to shine a light.

Frank Y. Parce,Evergreen

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