Why Fracking and Ground Penetrating Radar Are Vital for Property Owners

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When you are a homeowner or property owner, you may not be aware that fracking done far from the area you own property can affect you directly. However, there are key ways that state-of-the-art ground penetrating radar (GPR) services and infrared technology can save your current investment or help you pass on a future one. While these services are not commonly-known to many Americans, the techniques have been used for decades and have found new use due to fracking.

History of GPR services and infrared thermography

Over the past decades, state-of-the-art ground penetrating radar (GPR) services, infrared thermography, and other proven techniques have been used in a variety of subsurface locating projects in North Texas. Before fracking was common in America, GPR pros would use their technology for property owners that were looking for underground utilities, storage tanks, voids, and water. This type of technology also helped with city governments attempting to do cemetery mapping, environmental cleanup, steel barrel burial, archaeological site assessments, road construction and other types of commercial inspections.

Examples of how GPR has been used to change history

Although most GPR technology is used for mundane tasks like finding an old septic tank on a property, there are some cases where it has changed history. For example, new data was uncovered when GPR was used at Stonehenge in England. GPR is also used to give justice to people that were mercilessly killed in wars. In early 2016, GPR was used in Lithuania to uncover a tunnel that was used as a means of escape by Holocaust victims.

How property owners are fighting against fracking

Although some fracking is done in a safe way, this does not mean the industry does not cause problems for private property owners. Unfortunately, when lawsuits are filed, proper paperwork must be done in order to help the judge make the best decision in your favor. When you want to inspect the ground underneath your home, we are the experts to call. The parameters of what you need might be beyond the areas of science you understand, but we can help you comprehend the paperwork so that you can build an action plan for your legal defense.

Detecting minor earthquake potential

Fracking in North Texas has been causing minor earthquakes, and getting to the bottom of the problem could include using ground-penetrating technology. If potential damage is being caused to the foundation, this can result in slab leaks and an interruption in utilities like gas. However, once the issue has been investigated, the property owners will know if they need to take further action to make a claim for reimbursement on their property.

A secret weapon for real estate purchases

With over 6000 registered fracking cites in Texas over the past 35 years, it pays to know what is under the ground you are buying. In some cases, the previous owners are completely unaware their property has a history of fracking nearby, and, when large amounts of money exchange hands, it pays to make sure fracking is not a current issue. This is especially true if people, animals and crops will be using the land or property. Unfortunately, undetected fracking damage to a property can cause major underground shifts that can open up sink holes or cause cracks in the concrete slab under buildings.

Helping you with the referrals you need

In addition to GSR, there are other techniques that can help you obtain the maximum amount of information about your property. For example, aerial photography can give clues that underground radar technology cannot. There is also a detailed research department that we consult with that can look for geological surveys from the past and connect them with your current property.

Giving a greater value to bankruptcy or estate claims

If you need to know the full value of a property for bankruptcy or estate-related legal claims, GPR can be a beneficial tool. After a specialized report is completed, value of underground water reserves or other mineral deposits can be further assessed. We can also inform the courts of other points of value such as bedrock on the property that will allow for building larger structures. Finally, we can uncover any hidden items on a property such as unusable septic tanks that could cause future accidents or injuries if they are not removed.

Give us a call today!

Now that you have a better understanding of how we can help you view what is beneath your property, the next step is to contact us. Our trained professionals can explain our techniques and our straightforward pricing will help you make the best decision for your budget. From homeowners, builders and municipalities, our services are indispensable in the North Texas area. To get started, give us a call today and speak to one of our staff. Thank you in advance for choosing us and we look forward to hearing from you.

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