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  • To stop Trump fracking plans, California is going to court

    California took legal action Friday to block the Trump administration’s plans to open federal lands in California to oil and gas drilling, including the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing.The federal lawsuit announced by state Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra comes after President Trump’s administration announced details of its plan to open more than a million acres of public and private
  • Activists warn of ‘fracking by stealth’ and call for acid fracking ban | Environment | The Guardian

    Campaigners have warned that the fracking moratorium announced by the UK government does not apply to acid fracking, a process that involves injecting acid into the earth to dissolve and fracture rock.
    More than 500 academics, politicians and campaigners have signed an open letter initiated by Brockham Oil Watch calling on the government to ban the practice over fears companies may use it to
  • Energy Paradoxes Put Europe in a Precarious Position

    Despite its cool Green parties and ambitious wind and solar agendas, Europe remains by far the world's largest importer of oil and natural gas.Oil output in the North Sea and off the coast of Norway is declining, and the European Union is quietly looking for fossil fuel energy anywhere it can find it.Europe itself is naturally rich in fossil fuels. It likely has more reserves of shale gas
  • Fundraiser / Barrister needed for Fiona Wilson

    Former Origin Energy executive and whistleblower Fiona Wilson was detained by the new Queensland Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (QFTAC) and injected against her will and without any charges laid against her. Fiona has since been released but must report for her monthly injections otherwise she will be detained again. find out more
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