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  • Trump hopes to seize a core Democratic voting bloc

    Chuck Knissel, a fourth-generation coal miner from small-town West Virginia, was dismayed when Hillary Clinton told a group of Ohio voters in 2016 she planned “to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” if elected president — a comment Clinton later said she regretted more than any other on the campaign trail. So when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden declared
  • ‘Possible war in the Middle East’: Editor explains why Trump’s visa attack on Iran is ‘lame’ response to oil field bombing

    As the United States is searching for ways to draw down on decades-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, serious conflicts might be afoot, one Daily Beast reporter told MSNBC Sunday.
    World News editor Christopher Dickey told host Kendis Gibson he doesn’t understand the point of barring Iranian diplomats from being able to come to the United Nations General Assembly meeting this fall. During a
  • Here’s more proof why it’s hard to trust Jo Swinson on anything

    Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has pledged “to stop Brexit altogether”. But here’s more evidence showing why it’s hard to trust her on anything.
    At party conference, the Liberal Democrats agreed to cancel Brexit if they get into power. Swinson said:
    We will do all we can to fight for our place in Europe, and to stop Brexit altogether.
    But if her voting record and refusal to work
  • Fundraiser / Barrister needed for Fiona Wilson

    Former Origin Energy executive and whistleblower Fiona Wilson was detained by the new Queensland Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (QFTAC) and injected against her will and without any charges laid against her. Fiona has since been released but must report for her monthly injections otherwise she will be detained again. find out more
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