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  • Fracking in Germany: truly banned, allowed a little or even soon back in vogue? | Energy Transition

    Lots of people the world over believe that fracking is banned in Germany. This view is shared by climate and environmental activists and promoted as a positive example. But unfortunately it is not quite true. Although Germany likes to be seen by the international community as a model of green and climate-friendly behaviour, it does in fact explicitly permit fracking in some cases.
  • Chesapeake Energy, Fracking’s Terrible Icon, Is Now Bankrupt

    06.30.20In an era where shale companies are begging for bailouts, laying off workers and shutting down drilling operations, the news that one high-profile operator has filed for bankruptcy isn’t a surprise. But Chesapeake has a prominent role in fracking’s sordid history, which makes its shaky status especially notable. 
    Aubrey McClendon And The ‘Drill, Baby Drill’ Fracking
  • 12 verdades sobre el fracking – Justicia Ambiental

    El “fracking” es una forma de extracción del petróleo y el gas natural que no se dejan sacar por las técnicas que conocemos hasta ahora. De ahí que estos depósitos sean llamados yacimientos no convencionales.
    Explotar estas reservas implica un esfuerzo descomunal, que consiste en inyectar a un pozo una mezcla de muchísima agua, granitos de arena y productos químicos a una presión capaz de
  • Fundraiser / Barrister needed for Fiona Wilson

    Former Origin Energy executive and whistleblower Fiona Wilson was detained by the new Queensland Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (QFTAC) and injected against her will and without any charges laid against her. Fiona has since been released but must report for her monthly injections otherwise she will be detained again. find out more
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