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  • 1.55 magnitude tremor halts fracking at Lancashire site – Blackpool Gazette

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    Fracking has been stopped at the site in Preston New Road following a seismic event measuring 1.55ML (local magnitude) on the Richter scale last night.

    The tremor which was detected at 7.46pm on Wednesday night is the largest recorded since fracking began.Any tremor
  • Fracking stopped after largest ever earthquake recorded at Blackpool site

    Fracking has been halted at the Preston New Road site in
    Blackpool after the largest earthquake yet was detected.A tremor with a magnitude of 1.55 shook the ground last
    night, leading to the site being closed down while tests are carried out.The previous strongest quake was 1.5 at Little Plumpton.Anything above 0.5 means fracking must be stopped.The Preston New Road site has been at the
  • Cuadrilla halts fracking after biggest tremor yet at Lancashire site | Environment | The Guardian

    Cuadrilla was forced to halt fracking at its shale gas site near Blackpool in Lancashire on Wednesday night after triggering the largest tremor recorded at the location.
    The tremor closed down operations at the Preston New Road site shortly after it was detected at 8.46pm.
    The shutdown comes less than a week after Cuadrilla started fracking its second well on the site after abandoning the
  • Fundraiser / Barrister needed for Fiona Wilson

    Former Origin Energy executive and whistleblower Fiona Wilson was detained by the new Queensland Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (QFTAC) and injected against her will and without any charges laid against her. Fiona has since been released but must report for her monthly injections otherwise she will be detained again. find out more
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